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Adopted School

Workshops and Counseling Sessions for children at Juvenile Jail -(Noida)

Specially designed program for children at juvenile Jail by providing a library through Sankalp India charitable trust and motivating them to educate themselves and others around them and helping them to refresh their mind with positive thoughts and energy.
Organizing platform, functions, acts, Plays, competitions for underprivileged children who are expert and talented in various extra-curricular activities helpin them shape their career.
We have also organized various competitions for upcoming talented children in government and private schools bringing them together, which helped them exhibit their talent.

Primary School Infrastructure Upgradation at Prathmik Vidyalaya Choura village Noida

Infrastructure upgradation was a great step at Prathmik Vidyalaya in which toilets, boundaries walls, common areas were renovated with promotions with an agenda-“Clean and Green School”. This has lead to provisions for better quality, living, working, playing, educating and interacting systems.

Empowerment to poor and underprivileged children

  1. Various workshops and counseling sessions are provided to more than 1000 children every year to nurture their talent.
  2. Provision of moral education, yoga classes, and special lectures upgrades their quality of living and education.
  3. Making the children aware about various environment issues through 3R (Reuse-Reduce-Recycle) program.
  4. Miscellaneous activities are taken care of by organizing special lectures, painting competitions, cultural events and exhibitions at inter-school level.