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Sankalp India Charitable Trust

पर्यावरण की सुरक्षा हमारी अपनी सुरक्षा हैं !

About Me

Sankalp India Charitable Trust is a reputed non-government organization which works for the upliftment of neglected and under privileged section of society. Various social initiatives are taken by cycles which has led to the betterment of the society such as creating environment awareness, motivating children to go to school, creating jobs, unlimited programmes, giving them moral education, providing a station platform to talented children, teachers’ training and small business for women empowerment with special help and support to physically challenged and senior citizens and also organize free public meetings for various social issues and other problems..

Workshops and Counseling Sessions for children at Juvenile Jail -(Noida)

Specially designed program for children at juvenile Jail by providing a library through Sankalp India charitable trust and motivating them to educate themselves and others around them and helping them to refresh their mind with positive thoughts and energy. Organizing platform, functions, acts, Plays, competitions for underprivileged children who are expert and talented in various extra-curricular activities helpin them shape their career.

Empowerment to poor and underprivileged children


Various workshops and counseling sessions are provided to more than 1000 children every year to nurture their talent. Provision of moral education, yoga classes, and special lectures upgrades their quality of living and education. Making the children aware about various environment issues through 3R (Reuse-Reduce-Recycle) program. Miscellaneous activities are taken care of by organizing special lectures, painting competitions, cultural events and exhibitions at inter-school level.

Mrs. Rekha Sharma

(Director & President)

I have been working for past 8 years and feel it is my pleasure to work for such people who are special. I feel blessed and honored that God has granted me such opportunities which brings out the best and the real from me. The making of this organization is relied on pure heart thinking to do something for the people who makes them smile. Who knows when this social drum-drama of life journey would come to an end and so, before that I and all my teammates will be grateful if we would be able to contribute even a single bt to the people who need help and support.


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